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Windswept Hill Apiary, LLC

Raw Orange Blossom Honey

Raw Orange Blossom Honey

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Savor our Florida Orange Blossom Raw Honey, rich with citrus notes. Straight from local Florida groves, its robust flavor indulges your senses. Pure and nutritious, this honey elevates every dish, holding Florida's sun-kissed essence in each spoonful.

- Pure Raw Orange Blossom Honey from Florida
- Harvested from local Florida sun-kissed groves
- Citrusy, robust flavor; sweet with a hint of tart
- Packed with natural antioxidants and minerals

(Please be aware that this product is not a local New Hampshire honey. It is sourced from beekeepers who uphold the same values and philosophy as we do. We include this non-local honey in our product offerings to ensure a diverse range of honey options for our valued customers.)
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